Red Books of Scotland


The Red Book of Scotland is now available as a first series of five volumes extending to almost 5,000 pages. A second series of six volumes is currently being researched and will be released in due course. The content of each volume is as follows:

Volume 1: A-C  [Title and Content vol 1_sample]

Volume 2: D-G [Title and Content vol 2 sample]

Volume 3: H-Mo [Title and Content vol 3 sample]

Volume 4: Mu-R [Title and Content vol 4 sample]

Volume 5: S-Y [Title and Content vol 5 sample]

The current price per volume is £30 with a full set of 5 volumes being £150. Individual entries can be purchased at £5.00 each. Purchases can be made via the secure payment links below. Please note that the project is entirely self-funded and all proceeds raised from sales goes towards on-going research costs.

Please also note that this work is currently available in digital format and your copies will be forwarded to you by email following purchase.


Sample Content


Full Set of 5 Volumes


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