accurately preserving Scotland's family history for the future


The RED BOOK OF SCOTLAND is an extension of the research work of Gordon MacGregor into the Perthshire region of Scotland. Following on from Perthshire, the aim of the project is to conduct similar indepth research into each individual region of Scotland. This will eventually culminate in the collection of publications entitled The Red Book of Scotland.

Already available or underway in this series are the following publications ;

+ THE RED BOOK OF PERTHSHIRE, first published in 2005 and exclusively available via this website. The updated edition (2014) edition of this sought after work is now available. purchase/read more ->

+ THE RED BOOK OF FIFE, released on 11th July, 2014,, this is the eagerly awaited second publication in the "Red Book" series. purchase/read more ->

+ THE RED BOOK OF CLACKMANNANSHIRE, currently in preparation stages.

+ THE RED BOOK OF ANGUS, research underway.

+ THE RED BOOK OF ARGYLESHIRE, research underway.

+ THE RED BOOK OF THE LENNOX, research underway.

Please look back for frequent updates on progress and additions to this website.


ON-LINE DATABASE : The Red Book of Scotland on-line database is now live. Access is free however please note that what is contained is only a snapshot of information from within the "Red Book" publications.